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 sezione aurea latest work 

Re-Bound packaging
CD “Alla Festa Leggiadra” seconda edizione
CD “In Festa”
CD “Llivre Vermell”
Party Street branding
DVD “Io ti canto, io ti racconto”
CD “Un Fior Gentile”
CD “Gloria et Malum”
CD “Myth: the music”
Cacioteka identity
CD “Alla Festa Leggiadra” (limited edition)
The Lord of the Rings merchandise (Italy)
Medio Evo brand

Sezione Aurea, which means Golden Ratio, is a graphic and digital design studio founded in 2002, based in Perugia (IT) now with a branch in Cheshire (UK). As an eclectic team of designers, programmers, and creative thin­kers we work on a diverse range of projects and to budgets.

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